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Our island

Our Skiathos

Skiathos is the smallest but most cosmopolitan island of the Sporades group and it is located in the north-western Aegean. Having more than 60 wonderful beaches with golden sand or white pebbles and clear blue waters to swim or sail in, forests of pine and olive trees to walk through[…]

Our beaches

In search of glorious beaches Skiathos hits the jackpot when it comes to beaches. Textbook sands line its south coast, from Meyáli Ámmos -which is the closest beach to Skiathos town- to Koukounariés, the island’s best-known beach where deep green trees provide the backdrop for a dramatic golden sweep. Koukounariés beach is also famous[…]

Our nature

Greek nature; beauty blooms anywhere Nature lovers will be thrilled by the 25, 197-km long, well signposted walking routes and trails which pass through some of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of the island. Depending on your stamina, you can go on walks which last from one to six[…]

Our history

In Ancient times, the island played a minor role during the Persian Wars. In 480 BC, the fleet of the Persian King Xerxes was hit by a storm and was badly damaged on the rocks of Skiathos coasts. Following this the Greek fleet blockaded the adjacent seas to prevent the[…]

Our flavors

The Aegean; flavors of sun and sea The numerous islands of the Aegean is a land formed from the sun, the sea and the refreshing wind. The specific microclimate of each island has contributed to the creation of unique products, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.[…]