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Skiathos is the smallest but most cosmopolitan island of the Sporades group and it is located in the north-western Aegean. Having more than 60 wonderful beaches with golden sand or white pebbles and clear blue waters to swim or sail in, forests of pine and olive trees to walk through and isolated monasteries to visit, it represents an ideal combination for leisure and sea sports, fulfilling any need of adventure. All around the island there are numerous restaurants and cafes. Evening entertainment is provided by a remarkable number of restaurants, bars and clubs.

Thousands of visitors enjoy the beauty of the island and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that make Skiathos one of the leading tourist destinations in Greece. Be one of them this summer and discover the sparkling and vibrant life of this unique island!

The island’s charm, after all, lies in its simplicity: the glaring sun, the pine-swathed hills, and a dazzling turquoise sea.

Skiathos town is relatively new. It is generally assumed to have been built around 1829-30 on the same site as an older town. The town’s most important landmark is its natural harbor, which has determined the destiny of the town for centuries. Today it is a popular yacht and sailing boat haven that adds a cosmopolitan flair to the island. A stroll around the town’s paved streets reveals cute white houses with red tiled roofs and colourful gardens. The picturesque harbour surrounded by four small islets is a sight not to be forgotten. Don’t miss the chance to visit Boúrtzi, a small peninsula with lush vegetation where the ruins of a Venetian fortress still stand. The fortress was established in 1207 by the Gyzi brothers but it was destroyed in 1660 when Admiral Morozini conquered the island. Today it is one of the most romantic spots on Skiáthos thanks to its densely planted pine trees and stunning views of the archipelago.

Apart from Bourtzi don’t miss the opportunity to visit the former house and now museum of the famous author Alexandros Papadiamantis who was born and raised on the island. There is also the Evagelistria monastery with its four museums and Kástro (meaning castle), a natural fortress that was used by the inhabitants in the 14th century as a refugee against pirate raids. Today Kástro attracts many visitors thanks to its breathtaking natural beauty.

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