Villa Anna


When are you open?
From early May until mid-October
In 2020, due to the worldwide impact of Covid-19, we have to postpone our summer opening. There is always joy under the sunlight. We start spreading joy again on July 1st and you are more than welcome

Which are the latest updates about traveling to Greece during summer 2020?
For detailed info, you could visit our special web section Covid 19 | FAQs under Travel

Which are the hygiene protocols for the prevention and control of Covid-19 that you follow?
We are all, unfortunately, asked to adapt to a contactless hospitality concept, deeply contradictory to our principles but so much needed for a safe stay. We make sure that this summer, our health and safety are of a top priority. For detailed info, you could visit our special web section Covid 19 | FAQs under Hygiene Protocols

How far are you from the nearest port?
We are approximately 3 km away from Skiathos port which is about 10 min by car/taxi or bus. Villa Anna is also within walking distance from the port, which is less than 1 km when accessing via Papadiamantis pedestrian street, and about 10-15 min on foot. Walking to Villa Anna on your arrival day is something we usually suggest that our guests avoid due to the luggage carrying under the bright, and hot, Greek sun during the warm summer days

How far are you from the nearest airport?
We are approximately 3.5 km away from Skiathos National Airport “Alexandros Papadiamantis” [JSI] which is about 10 min by car or taxi [unfortunately, there is no available bus]

Can you pick me up from the port/airport?
Absolutely! We always try to facilitate you during your arrival/departure unless there is a strong need to welcome you at Villa Anna, usually due to guests’ simultaneous arrivals. Please email us to arrange transfer details. Once we have confirmed your arrival time, you should only contact us (texting, calling, e-mailing) when approaching the port/ landing so as to avoid any possible delays. In addition to this, some days prior to your trip to Skiathos, you are going to receive an e-mail with informative maps attached so as to easily access Villa Anna when arriving
As a result of the Covid-19, we have temporarily suspended our free of charge shuttle services during summer 2020

What time can I check-in and what time do I have to check-out?
Check-in time is between 14:00-22:00 hours and check-out is between 08:00-12.00 hours. We are at your disposal any time during the day (08.00-20.00 hours; before or after, upon request)
During 2020, check-in is rescheduled from 15:00 and on whereas check-out is latest at 11.00 a.m., completed outdoors. This alteration is mandatory in order to ensure that the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as well as its natural ventilation is adequate for next guests’ safe stay. In case we manage to do so -since reservations have been made before the Covid-19 spread, too-, the room will stay free on a 24 hours basis. If not, the room will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

When can I receive my receipt|invoice?
Your receipt will be issued on your departure day. Please let us know in advance if you would need an invoice. We are at your disposal for any further queries you may possibly have about your payment or about the additional “Overnight Stay Tax” (0.5 euros per night, per room) that has been applied since 1.1.2018

Do you offer Wi-Fi?
Yes, of course! WiFi is available in all of our rooms and access is free of charge; you should only need to request your login details

Do you have parking space?
Unfortunately, there is no private parking lot at Villa Anna’s premises but there is a nearby public parking space, just 100 meters away, next to bus stop No 4 [Acropolis bus station, approx. 1 min on foot]

Is your place family-friendly?
Yes, of course; our place is ideal for couples and families but we always try our best for a discreet movement around the premises so as to reassure and protect all of our guests’ peace and relaxation during their holidays. Moreover, all children are welcome and those ones under 2 years old are accommodated free of charge

Is your place eco-friendly?
Yes, of course; we try our best towards eco-friendly practices, we invite and encourage our guests to participate in and improve together and, of course, feel free to inform us on any additional opportunities to reduce resource consumption (detailed information during your accommodation). Moreover, all of our rooms are provided with recycling baskets for plastic, glass, aluminum and paper. A welcome gift is also waiting for you for some quality beach & shopping time. By supporting A.S.A.P * (Active Skiathos Against Plastic bag) project, we offer you a 100% cotton back for your island days and, of course, as a summer souvenir back home

*A.S.A.P (Active Skiathos Against Plastic bag) is a project carried out by the MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network. It is funded by the BeMed – Beyond Plastic Med initiative, Thalassa Foundation, the Municipality of Skiathos and the MEDITERRANEASN SOS Network and supported by the Cultural Association SKIATHOS. It aims at radically reduce single-use plastic carrier bags on the island of Skiathos by protecting Sporades common marine environment and upgrading our touristic product

Do you recycle?
Yes, of course. Take some green action and help us reduce, reuse, recycle any plastic, glass or paper by finding the recycling bins in your room, under the sink, or next to open library at the front yard.

Can you drink the tap water?
Unfortunately, not. Water is life but please please don’t drink the tap water; a cool bottled water is offered to you during your arrival welcome. Water is precious, too. Due to the island’s low water reserves, especially during the high summer season, the Municipality of Skiathos calls residents and visitors to avoid excessive and unnecessary use of the water. Thank you for your understanding and help

Is your place smoking-free?
Yes; smoking is not permitted inside the rooms but you can smoke on the balconies and on the grounds of the property

Do you have any baby cots and baby chairs?
Yes, of course and we could offer them to you free of charge. The maximum number of children’s cots/cribs in a room is one

Do you offer any additional baby equipment?
Unfortunately not yet, but you could travel light and rent your baby’s equipment delivered at Villa Anna

Do you offer children facilities?
Yes, of course; we have a toy box full of board games, puzzles, sketchbooks and colouring books, markers, color pencils and fairy tales that our little guests can use either in Villa Anna’s common grounds or inside their rooms
Due to Covid-19, we removed objects of multiple use found on our common spaces, as the ones mentioned above

Where is the closest health centre?
Skiathos Health Center is within a 5 min walking distance from Villa Anna, about 450 meters away [+30227022222]

Can we have a doctor at Villa Anna?
Yes, of course but we should arrange it upon request. Alternatively, we could help you to visit the private Skiathos Emergency Polyclinic downtown which is approximately 750 meters away from Villa Anna and about 10 min on foot [+302427022111]

Do you offer breakfast?
Unfortunately not yet, but it is included within our future plans. For the moment, a Nespresso machine is waiting for your welcome coffee

Do you offer bed linen and towels?
Yes, of course. Meeting your needs is our priority. Achieving that and serving our environment is a distinction which we all take great pride in. Cleaning is on a daily basis apart from Sundays. We change bed linen and towels twice a week according to our eco-friendly policy. Feel free to ask us for additional clean bed linen/ towels or cleaning service, if you need. If you feel that changing bed linen or towels is unnecessary, place the eco-card on your bed in the morning or hang your towels in the rack. If not, leave them on the floor. You make the choice. You make the difference. Thank you for your participation in the initiatives that better serve the environment
Due to Covid-19, we have to comply with a non-frequent room cleaning during the guests’ stay, provided upon request, so that we avoid unnecessary contact and possible spread of Covid-19

Do you offer beach umbrellas and beach towels?
Yes, of course; every room is equipped with a beach umbrella to take with you whereas beach towels are upon request due to a limited number

Do you offer umbrellas for the rain?
Yes, of course; every room is equipped with a rain umbrella, too, just in case of a rainy day during your stay. Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!

How far are you from the nearest bus station?
We are approximately 100 meters away from bus stop No 4, Acropolis bus station, about 1 min on foot

How far are you from the nearest beach?
We are approximately 300 meters away from Megali Ammos beach, about 3 min on foot

Do you offer A/C?
Yes of course, air conditioning is offered in all of our rooms and it is free of charge
Due to Covid-19, we have to comply with the air’s non-recirculation inside the rooms and with the rooms’ adequate natural ventilation. Thus, the air conditioning system will remain on even when the doors are open. Please simply check before leaving the room that it is off when you will be away. Meeting your safety needs is our priority. Achieving that and serving our environment is a distinction which we all take great pride in

Do you offer laundry service?
Yes, but it should be offered upon request
Unfortunately not during summer 2020, in order to ensure the implementation of hygiene protocols in the best possible way but we can help you providing you with info on laundry services on the island

Do you offer ironing service?
Yes, but it should be offered upon request
Unfortunately not during summer 2020, in order to ensure the implementation of hygiene protocols in the best possible way but we can help you providing you with an iron to use in your room

Do you offer mosquito repellents?
Yes, of course we do; we offer them for free on the common grounds. In addition to this, all of our rooms are equipped with mosquito screens in order to avoid any insects’ inconvenience

Do you accept pets?
Unfortunately not, for any possible allergy reasons of our future guests

Can I easily access your place?
Yes, you can but you should take into consideration that there are a lot of stairs (45) connecting Villa Anna to the main road which could cause possible difficulties, mainly to elderly and disabled people. Of course, we are always at your disposal helping you with the luggage carrying

How can I travel to Skiathos island?

by boat:
via Agios Constantinos: by flying dolphin [approx. 1h 30 min], flying cat [approx. 1h 30 min] or ferry boat [approx. 2h 30 min]

Price range (2020): 30-40 euros per person, one way ticket
You can travel to Agios Constantinos [165 km from Athens-345 km from Thessaloniki] either by your own car or by bus; there are direct itineraries on a daily basis at Athens’ interurban buses’ station [260 Liosion, +30 210 8317153] and at 97, Akadimias str., Alkyon travel agency [Kaniggos square, +30 210 3832545]

via Volos: by flying dolphin [approx. 1h 15 min], by flying cat [approx. 1h 35 min] or ferry boat [approx. 2h 30 min]

Price range (2020): 20-40 euros per person, one way ticket
You can travel to Volos [325 km from Athens-210 km from Thessaloniki] either by your own car or by bus; there are direct itineraries on a daily basis at interurban buses’ station [Athens, 260 Liosion, +30 210 8317153 or Thessaloniki: Macedonia Intercity Bus Station, +30 2310 59500] and by train both from Athens and Thessaloniki

via Thessaloniki: by flying cat [approx. 3h 45 min], itineraries to be announced within the next 2020 months

Price range (2020): 22-59 euros per person, one way ticket (22 euros super offer, -15% early booking, 59 euros standard price) three times per week from June to September 2020 by Hellenic Seaways

In addition to this, from mid-June to mid-September, there are itineraries to and from the port of Kymi & Skyros and the port of Mantoudi in Evia

by airplane:
via Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos [ATH]; there are daily flights by Aegean airlines throughout the whole year [flight duration: approx. 30 min | approx. price: 110 euros, return ticket], twice a week by Sky Express  throught the whole year [flight duration: approx.  30 min | approx. price: 100 – 200 euros, return ticket] or by international charter flights from numerous European cities, traveling easily and directly to Skiathos

via Volos (New Aghialos) Airport; there are daily European flights by low cost companies  throughout the summer season

In general, there are alterations both to the ferries’ and airplanes’ schedule and prices depending on the seasons

Can you help me with a car/bike/boat rental?
Yes of course, we are always at your disposal and eager to help you looking for the best offers for you so as to explore our island’s natural beauty

Do you offer any additional services?
We are always at your disposal and we could help you to organize hiking/diving excursions or daily sailing trips to nearby islands

Can you provide me with some useful numbers I may need?
Yes, of course; in the link below, you could find some useful numbers (tourist police, port, etc.) you may possible need during your stay in Skiathos

Can you inform me about the weather in Skiathos?
Yes, of course; you could have an impression of the current weather in Skiathos in the links given below, on HNMS and Meteo websites

Do you offer any laptop/tablet that I can use?
Yes, of course; you can have a free use of laptop/ tablet for checking your personal e-mails

Do you offer any fax/printer that I can use?
Yes, of course; you can have a free use of fax/photocopier or printer for printing your boarding pass

Is there any luggage storage space?
Yes, of course; we do have a luggage storage space -offered free of charge- that you could either use when arriving before the check-in time or when traveling lather than the check-out time

What are the languages you speak?
We speak fluently English, French and Greek

What are your cancellation/prepayment policies?
Cancellation and prepayment policies, along with special offers, vary according to the duration of your stay and the seasonality. Please send us the dates you are interested in and we will get back to you to further inform you about the conditions of your requested accommodation type or visit Rates & Policies for more info

Have you introduced a Covid 19 | Travel Flex Policy?
Yes, we have. People are more important, as well as our peace of mind. We have so many journeys ahead of us. Thus, we have already introduced a travel flex policy for 2020 summer season. Please visit Covid 19 policy for more info

Due to the unprecedented time we all try to navigate in and the uncertainty it carries for the next few months, we would like to inform you that we will stay in touch, as always, to share more details and updates in case there are new governmental or travel restrictions resulting to our temporary closure. Our summer season opening is currently planned for May 20, 2020 (data provided on 27/3/2020) but we have to postpone it till July 1, 2020 (data provided on 20/5/2020). We are all on the same boat. When the time is right, we will be there for you. Skiathos will be there for you. Till then, stay safe. Stay inspired

What is your privacy policy?
Please visit Privacy Policy for more info

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