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The Aegean; flavors of sun and sea

The numerous islands of the Aegean is a land formed from the sun, the sea and the refreshing wind. The specific microclimate of each island has contributed to the creation of unique products, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Thus, each island is its own unique culinary paradise. We fiercely believe that to meet our island’s culture one must experience the Greek cuisine. To taste homegrown, organic products of the Mediterranean land, to enjoy the real flavors that nature’s created for us, to experience what real food tastes like…Whether a sophisticated foodie or just a cooking enthusiast, join ours island’s restaurants and discover what makes the Greek cuisine famous all over the world…

Food feeds the soul. To the extent that we all eat food, and we all have souls, food is the single great unifier across cultures. But what would feed your island soul? We recommend…

ExandasAmfiliki, PlakesTo kalo pigadiErgon, Borzoi, Marmita, Maria’s pizza, Gravisi pizza, 1901 restaurant, Pinakothiki, ManavakiLo&La, Bourtzi, The Windmill restaurant, Cookoonari, Souvlaki yogurt, Scuna, En plo, Bakaliko, Agnadio, Anatoli, Panorama pizzaPlatanos, Olive landKochyli, Krifi Ammos canteen, Kehria canteen, bakeries Ariston & Veletzakos

* Restaurants’ presentation is according to closest distance to Villa Anna