Villa Anna

Our nature

Greek nature; beauty blooms anywhere

Nature lovers will be thrilled by the 25, 197-km long, well signposted walking routes and trails which pass through some of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of the island. Depending on your stamina, you can go on walks which last from one to six hours. Follow the routes and discover the pristine interior of the island or fabulous secluded spots with amazing views of the Aegean! A suggested route to explore the beauties of the island starts from Asélinos and goes past Kounistra Monastery, Small Asélinos beach and Alygariés beach ending at Kehriá beach. Another beautiful one is from Ayia Eleni to Krifi Ammos and Mandráki-Eliás-Agkistros for discovering excellent beaches of unique beauty.

Moreover, you could enjoy our island’s nature, and some of the most amazing landscapes you have ever seen, by being part of a biking trip or a hiking excursion or by riding a horse, giving you the energy you are looking for in your holidays. Diving, sailing and a lot of various water sports are the ideal way to explore our crystal clear waters and some of our islands’ secret spots.