Villa Anna

My story

Making people around you happy is the greatest investment. It makes you feel nice inside you. And they also feel nice and want to convey to others the same feeling. A chain of happiness.

I have been visiting this island and place since my very first days in life. There is not a single summer I haven’t visited them even just for a couple of days. And it’s about 30 years long. I was playing in this plot, full of olive trees, before Villa Anna ever existed. I have enjoyed restful siestas in my stroll by cement mixer’s lullabies during Villa Anna’s construction, I have played hide and seek inside the island’s narrow streets until it was too dark to see, I was then brave enough to dive into the sea from our small fishing dock so many times I stopped counting. Some years later than that, the island under the sunlight seemed to have lost its charms, it was then time for some cool nightlife.

Now, island life is a source of inspiration and peacefulness. My personal Neverland; a place where I always feel at home, not only because of deep family ancestral roots, but also because of the joy and peace this place gives me. Loving every minute of my stay, I would never, ever exchange it for anything in the world, although I couldn’t imagine that a few years ago.

Summers wouldn’t be the same without my island life. Summers wouldn’t be the same without my Skiathos and my Villa Anna.


I remember myself being always around Villa Anna since my early playful years of life. This is why, somehow, I was familiar with the notion of hospitality from a very young age. I have been always interested in designing the ideal -according to my personal taste and virtues- accommodation place, the summer place-to-be, where everyone would like to go and return back. Moreover, being an architect in Greece during the latest years has been a true challenge and that was the crucial time when I decided to fulfil my dream; to refresh Villa Anna and design the modern greek face of hospitality. And all of a sudden, I refreshed myself too. Towards a new direction.

I prefer seeing tourism as the art of hospitality rather than a clear business industry. Same for Villa Anna. Villa Anna for me is, first and above all, the place I was summer-raised, the place I profoundly love and, then, the place I’d like my guests to love, too.

And I am trying my best for that. Everything you may see here has somehow to do with a part of me. From the handwritten to-do list for the guests to the bouquets of oregano. I want our guests to wake up and smell the island. They should smell it, they should taste it, they should feel it! They should feel like locals, at least for a while. I am interested in our guests’ well-being, in spending some quality time with them -one of the languages I know and use to express my love-. One sea, one language, they say. No matter where our guests come from, I like to treat them like friends. I want they soon start feeling comfortable, like home. They appreciate it though so much, like it isn’t that common for them.

Every April I return, I feel again in love with the island. Somehow, the distance clears my perspective and when I come back, I feel excited to re-discover details that are already close to my heart and the sea, oh the sea…Raised on a steady diet of sea and sand during my childhood, I soon realized I simply love taking care. I then welcome you for a memorable stay in our beloved Villa Anna!Ioanna signature