Villa Anna

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Surprise yourselves

Surprise yourselves like you were on the first day of summer vacation. Surprise yourselves by this strange feeling of not knowing exactly where you are when waking up in the morning. By this pleasant surprise when looking at the white island bedroom ceiling realizing where you finally are. Surprise yourselves by the ease with which siesta finds the way back into your life. By shading your eyes against the island sun. That’s why you are here, to surprise yourselves…

Are you ready to slip into an island state of mind, as if you have all the time in the world?

The day starts with a meeting. Again! A difficult one. Only this time, you have to set your morning thoughts straight and decide about where to swim depending always on the direction of the wind. The day starts sunny as you leave to explore all the thrills that the island offers such as feeling the cool, blue water on your skin, diving in the crystal clear sea and taking dips next to shipwrecks. If you decide to go nature-walking, you will stop and daydream beside the picturesque churches but you will also enjoy the flavors and colors of the fest-day celebrations. Villa Anna is the place where everyone would love to  go back to after wandering in nature or sunbathing after a long strech of hours under the sun.